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The Gluten Free Scanner FULL - Barcode Scanner

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· SEARCH by Product Name, Brand or Category, over 80,000 GLUTEN-FREE products

· The “DISCOVER GLUTEN FREE” option is a great way to discover your new gluten free favorites!

· DINING CARD / TRAVEL CARDS, to eat safely in restaurants domestically and abroad



Having intolerance to gluten is frustrating enough. The Gluten Free Scanner works simply and fast, using your iphone camera to scan the barcodes already found on the products you buy.

We maintain up-to-date the largest database of food and drink products available in the US, to detect the presence of gluten. This database includes over 500,000+ products and growing. Our team of dietitians, nutritionists and researchers take care of the accuracy of this information.


- Elisabeth Kendall: "The best app I found for GF. Super handy when shopping!"
- Deborah Hurd: "A family member was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and this app has been a life saver"
- Foregone Conclusion: "Perfect app. So quick to scan. Big window So you dont have to align a thin tiny bar"
- John Humeniuk: "Simple to use and extremely helpful. I used this app to check on products as we grocery shopped and found it to be an invaluable resource"

Every scan will be analyzed on four levels, to provide greater information and protection. This enables you to make a more informed decision as to whether or not to try the product.

We have plans for new features in the future and always welcome your suggestions.

Note: The Gluten Free Scanner only works in the US. Terms of use: