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Scanner not working

I loved this app so I purchased the full version and the scanner does not work... I can scan it, but then just goes to a white screen and looking up the item always said can not find in data base... Very sad!

Great app

I use this app all the time in the grocery store when Im shopping. It has been very useful and helpful while shopping. There were things I thought were gluten-free that actually contain gluten and that has helped me adjust my diet accordingly.


I wouldnt even give it one star. The scanner does not work. A waste of four dollars. (Just buy the free version)

Cant tell difference between paid and free version

There doesnt see to be any more products in the paid version. App doesnt do much. Dont waste your money just use the free version

Waste of money

This app is no different than the free one. Its a waste of money. Changes need to be made.


This app has really helped my transition into gluten free living but as I shop I am finding there are a lot of every day products not in the data base. Really disappointing.

Do Not Purchase This App

There are no foods in the database. Total joke. Dear developers, you are whats wrong with America. Wish I could give you zero stars.

Do not buy

Do not buy this. There are no foods in the database. This is a scam.

Needs more foods in database

Bought the full version because I do a lot of shopping at Trader Joes and couldnt locate their products in the free version. They arent in the full version either. Definitely needs a lot more products added if they want people to buy it.

The free version works better.

I bought the upgraded version thinking it would have more products, wrong. The scanner doesnt even work on the upgraded version. Can I un-purchase this please?

Hardly any options

I downloaded this to aid me when Im grocery shopping. It seems as though almost anything I scan isnt found. Deleted and requesting a refund.


Awesome App! Immediate response from leave feed back option. So very helpful!


This app is awful. Out of everything I have scanned only one thing was in the data base. My husband has a android phone and the app he has is awesome, all the stuff was on his. His was free and I had to pay for this one. Don’t waste your money on this.


Awesome App . I use this app. Every time I go to the store. Now I know for sure that I am eating gluten free,and that I won’t get sick. You’re going to love it too.

Love it

Funny story. I’m a teacher and one of my student’s assignments was to create an app. I used the example I am recently gluten free and it would be nice if I had an app that scanned barcodes. The next day one of my students came to me saying she found this app. I had never looked! Please keep adding to the inventory. Great job so far. I love it!

Love this app!!

Love this app!! Literally a life saver! I have severe celiac. Thank you!

This is our “go to” app at the store!

This app is so helpful. My 16 year old son with celiac relies on this app. And if it says “can contain gluten” he won’t eat it, even if the ingredients font list wheat, barley, rye, spelt. With that said, how often is it updated? I saw a GF ice cream list online, your app says “can contain gluten” in many of the items, specifically talking about Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks. But I’m in no way complaining. VERY happy with this app!


I’m new to GF as I have just been diagnosed with Celiacs. This app is very helpful. With only 2 things I can see is needed, which will put it over the top of all the other apps out there. 1). If it had a favorites list that I could add items I painstakingly found and would like to be able to keep as a favorite to assist my family and friends with some things I safely and enjoy eating. 2). When searching from a list and you click on it I can’t go back to the location I was at. The screen goes all the way back to the top of the list - very frustrating.

New to being Gluten Free

Just found out my oldest has to be Gluten Free. It’s hard to know what has and does not have Gluten in it sometimes since not all companies place that on their label. I am shocked about some of the items that did/didn't have Gluten. This app is awesome for new people like our family.

Don’t bother paying, app doesn’t work at all

I downloaded the free version of the app first, but it didn’t provide all of the features that I needed. So I paid $3.99 to download the full version. That was a total waste of money as doesn’t work at all. If you scan a barcode, nothing happens. If you try to search by name, again, nothing happens. I even tried to email my issues through the “contact us” tab provided in the app, and it won’t let me send the email. Waste of money.

Gluten-free Scanner

Nice to have in grocery store and fun to use too. Several people in store have seen me use it and downloaded the App as well!

Essential for Celiac Disease and Gluten Allergies

It isn't perfect. Many times products are not found in the database, sometimes I find things mislabeled. But I always check ingredient lists anyway. This app saves me time of reading through the vast majority of wheat containing products. When I find a product that I think looks good it is reassuring to "double check" with the scanner. Totally worth the price and peace of mind.

Tremendous tool

I am new to GF and am shocked at how many seemingly safe products have gluten added or are possibly contaminated during processing. This app has given me more confidence in my choices and I love the scanning feature. Bravo!


Love this app!! Have celiac and hate the hassle of grocery shopping. This app is a god send. Would recommend buying full version. Not only time saver, but gives you peace of mind. Thank you so much!

Free same as full

Seems like everything I scan before purchasing full came up as needing full. After purchasing full, just getting not in database. To me, waste of money


I’m allergic to all grains so I’m beyond being a celiac. This app has literally saved my life. It would be great if we could personalize the app a little more(ie listing specific allergens) so when we scan something it will say has this has an allergen in here! There is a long list of preservatives I can’t have. I’m also soy and dairy reactive too!! At any rate thank you for still offering a superb app that I use several times a day and Ange added items myself. I do like that feature. Thanks again! 👍🏼👍🏼

Great App

This has taken the guess work out of whether I should buy something or not. If it’s packaged it’s harder to determine if all the ingredients are in fact gluten free and let’s face it there’s so much packaged food nowadays. This is really helpful!

Gluten free

My daughter and I are just entering the world of gluten free. We need this app to help us out. So glad I found this app. I can’t wait to try all the food this app shows. Thanks.

Gluten stinks

I have Celiac disease and I find out alot from this app but sometimes I can’t get it in the store. But it has helped me alot. I didn’t know there was such thing as wheat meat Thanks for having the app for people like me. Keep up the good work


This app has been a life saver, I have celiac disease.

Helpful, but took away the most important part

At 23 years old I was diagnosed with celiac disease and this app was/is so incredibly helpful! My only complaint is that when I first downloaded the app and scanned products it would tell you which ingredients weren't gluten free, which was pivotal in helping me learn what I could and could not eat being newly diagnosed. During one of the updates for the app, they took away that feature and I wish they would bring it back!

Good, just needs an upgrade

This app is very useful, I just wish for how much I paid they could have added in more items a lot of them are not in the bar scanner which is disappointing.

So helpful!!

My son was recently diagnosed with Celiac. This app made us so easy to go through our fridge and pantry, scanning items. I recommend this for anyone. I had him install it on his phone so that he can also scan when he is out with friends.

So helpful!

This app makes grocery shopping so much easier! I love it

Thank you for making this app!

Recently discovered I have a gluten sensitivity and this app has been absolutely essential in helping me eliminate gluten from my diet. The scan feature is awesome! Thanks


This app is amazing. My daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a month ago and we as a family are all going gluten free with her. I have honestly been lost as we’re to start and begin. This app will be a lifesaver.

So Helpful !

I'm new to this game. Going around the store zapping barcodes with my phone was not only ideal but it was fun. Really hoping that if something is not in their system and we need to know if it's GF of not that their is some way we can communicate with the developers to let them know. "Hey this product isn't in there. Do you think you could do some research for me so next time I can purchase it ?"

Waste of $

Don't waste your money on the full version. Free version works just as well. No items found that free version doesn't list.

Life saver

My daughter has celiac and it has been a nightmare shopping for her. My trips to the grocery store took 3-4 hours. We were always questioning the items and had to look everything up. This app makes shopping quick and simple. Mostly everything is in it. It has also made it so she can go to friends houses and check things herself without having to feel weird. Seriously the best app I have ever used.

Super fast scanning. Huge database of even my girlfriends weird Chinese food

Awesome. Don't know the difference between the free and paid version but the free version worked so well I figure they deserve the 4 bucks for saving me hours in the grocery store so I bought the paid version

What's the point

I bought this so I could scan products to see if hey are GF. I bought the paid version and it still didn't find the product by a major company. :( Pointless.

A life saver

I am newly gluten free. This app has taken the stress out of shopping. It is so responsive. It tells me quite simply if an item has gluten or not. Especially great when I forget my reading glasses when shopping. Too many items have type that is too small.

Great app

Having a family of gluten sensitive people, this has become our go-to app for quick checks for gluten in products. Four stars as there is always room for improvement! But this app is fast, quickly returning results, even on cellular as well as wifi connections. Major props to the devs!

Life saver!!!

At the age of 26 I was recently informed that I needed to stay away from gluten. This had been something I didn't realize was in EVERYTHING!!! At least that's how I felt. This app has made this process and shopping so easy for me. I use it everywhere!!!!

It works!

It didn't work at first. When I tried it two days later it worked great!


I 💙 this app! I have had painful symptoms that would not go away for weeks. I've been researching the symptoms and celiac disease came up and I was so scared. But I tried gluten for a day and I feel fine. But now that I have this app I think, I know, I'll be fine.

Super convenient and reliable

This app is super-super helpful for people with gluten-sensitivity or celiac. I've been using it myself for a few months, and even though it doesn't cover every item out there, it can give you some reassurance on most items. It's been especially great for helping my friends and family find reliable groceries to cook that won't make me sick. Definitely a life-changer. :)

Great Help for Change

As a guy with lupus going gluten free after 50 years is tough. This app is helping me realize that there are plenty of options to be able to still enjoy eating! I don't have celiac but if I can remove 90 to 95% of my gluten I think it will help my lupus. The app is simple and intuitive. Please continue to add to your database.

Thank you.

I would have payed 6 fold for this. The database is extensive and rarely do I scan a product that isn't recognized within the app. I am devastatingly intolerant to gluten and this has caught so many products that are to the naked eye "safe." (Btw, gluten is a horrible clump of proteins. Intolerant or not, wheat is an empty filler in crap food.)

Thank you! 🤗

I have Celiac Disease, and so does my child. This app saves me time and frustration while grocery shopping. It also gives me peace of mind to have a source that confirms items are gluten free. Often people ask me if something is gluten free, and I can use this app to search for that information. Using this app is better than using the internet to search for such answers, as internet searches were often useless due to being outdated or not clearly stated. Sometimes answers on the internet can not be found, or they take too long to find. I use this app everyday. Thank you so very much for the help this app provides for our health and convenience.

Love it!

A life saver! Recently had to go gluten free and it's so nice having the scanner. Makes shopping so much easier!


Finally with a quick scan I can know if a product contains gluten!! Thanks guys!

Fantastic App

What a great help when I go shopping and am not sure whether what I'm buying is safe! Anyone can make a list, but the ability to scan the UPC is So Halpful!

Sir Eats A Lot!

This app is AWESOME! Quick and easy! What else do you need!!! Thanks for improving my life!!

Outstanding app for celiacs

The gluten free scanner is the best. Diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago, I have a lot of health problems pertaining to my immune system. The Gluten Free Scanner app makes it so easy and reliable to identify if a product is gluten free or not. Is the only one that have in consideration the issue of cross-contamination with gluten, due to the process of manufacturing, as you know, the usual statement "made in a facility or equipment that also process wheat" and similar statements. That's an essential question for celiacs like me. Very hard question to be careful if you are gluten intolerant!!!! The app has saved me from getting sick many times, sometimes it's hard to catch all the Ingredients when reading a label. On another hand, prevented me from accidentally eating "hidden gluten" ingredients on more than one occasion. For example, after scanning my supposedly cool new gluten free ice tea mix according to the website of the manufacturer, found out I've been drinking gluten and making myself sick................ After just a few days of cutting that ice tea out of my diet I feel better already. The most useful feature is the search gluten free products (just a recommendation, if you put only one or two words in the search, perhaps you will get better results). Usually I put the name of the brand or keywords like "kombucha", "mustard sauce", "quinoa", "granola bars", "chocolate" .......... if you have a doubt, you can use the leave feedback button, usually they are very responsive. Also you can contribute to improve the database of products, if you find a new item labeled as gluten free, not found in the database. Finally, the restaurant card / translated travel cards and the search ingredients can be very useful sometimes. Anyway, if you can, recommended to call before the restaurant and talk with the staff about your celiac disease condition and to check carefully the gluten free safe options available in the menu, be aware to avoid the cross-contamination issues in the kitchen. If you can't make a call, You can show the restaurant card available in the app to the waiter. I thank you so much, to the very bottom of my heart, for making this app!! Keep up the good work!

Gluten Free Full

I really liked the free app so I just purchased the full app. All I get is a white screen! That stinks, help!

White screen, won't open

This app is amazing! My child was just diagnosed with celiac and this app has been so helpful!! If your scanner isn't working, email them and they'll fix it for you!

Wonderful help!

This app is more than helpful. My daughters health and wellbeing depends on gluten free food. She was recently diagnosed and is doing well. This app helps immensely. Only wish? I wish it was more easily found. I wasn't sure what it was called and I could not find it in the Apple Store. I searched the entire list my iPad app gave me. Luckily my dd had a screen shot of the site on FB where your app was recommended. Thanks so much.

All fixed

Although there were some technical difficulties in the beginning, John from the app helped and made it work wonderfully!! Thank you so very much!! Great app!!


This app is so easy to use and so very helpful when buying groceries. My daughter has celiac's disease and this app has made choosing food so much more easier

Very helpfull

It helps me make very tough decisions on whether something has gluten


I wouldn't even give it one star. The scanner does not work. A waste of four dollars. (Just buy the free version)

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